Building Specs

Official Name -- The Irving Zuelke Building

Address --
103 W. College Ave.
Appleton, Wisconsin

Height --
168 ft.

Floors --

Construction End- 1930 (Floors 1-7)
1951 (Floors 8-12)

The Irving Zuelke Building has a very storied past.

The first building was a two story building that housed a drug store and a feed store. A third level was built in the 1850's and the building became known as the Masonic Temple. This building was destroyed by fire in 1875 and the lot stood empty for five years. In 1880, a 3 story structure was built which housed a bank, hardware store, offices and the Masonic Temple rooms.

Mr. Zuelke bought the building in 1926, moved his music store in and remodeled the building only to have it burn down in 1928.

In May 1929, Mr. Zuelke began construction on the first seven floors of the present day Zuelke Building. Because of the previous fires, Mr. Zuelke became determined to build a fireproof building. He built the seven story building of steel, stone, marble, and brass which was completed in 1931.

The marble that lines the walls of the lobby and mezzanine came from Eastern Tennessee, near Knoxville. This marble was originally destined for an Appleton church which could not pay. Mr. Zuelke bought it for his building. This purchase also included light fixtures and other decorations that give the Zuelke Building it's unique style.

There are many fossils found in the marble. Particularly the large fossil close to the elevator.

In an article in the December 11, 1931 Appleton Review, author Rufus Mather Bagg, Ph.D writes,

"We hope that all citizens of Appleton can spare time to carefully examine the beautiful marble decorations which add so much to the dignity and refinement of a city building. Appleton may well be proud of such an asset."

In order to accommodate a growing downtown, Mr. Zuelke built an additional 5 floors in 1951. He was able to acquire the exterior limestone from the same supplier. Because limestone darkens with age, the first seven floors were cleaned with a wire brush and sealed with a Bondsall Stone plastic to protect it.

Today the Zuelke Building is esthetically the same, but has been technologically up to date since the 1990's. Now home to many technology based businesses, the Zuelke Building will soon be completely wireless making it the perfect location for your business too.

The first Zuelke Building before the fire.

The first Zuelke Building after the fire.

The Zuelke Building was home to the
Selective Service.

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Zuelke Building • 103 W. College Ave. • Appleton, Wisconsin

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